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I have a few Indian friends in my neighbourhood. We meet each other every evening in a nearby park. We have a chat while our kids play in the park. So evenings are real fun here. In those chats , we discuss recipes too and get lot of tips from each other. We especially discuss recipes which are easy to make and requires less time(probably because everyone is frustrated about what to cook everyday!!!the same old story!!!). So this easy raitha with pumpkin came up during one of those chats.

Indeed,its a really easy one. And it goes well with all kind of variety rice,may be even with phulkas.

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Pumpkin Raitha recipe - pumpkin recipes Yum
Course salad
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Course salad
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
  1. Grind the ginger, green chillies and coconut together. Beat the yogurt well and then add the ground mixture into it. Mix well. Heat little oil in a pan. Add the grated pumpkin. Saute for few minutes till it turns a little soft, but should not get mashed. Add this to the yogurt mixture. Mix well.
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  1. You lucky girl haveing indians there ans meeting them every evening, here i have no Indians at all 🙂

  2. Pretty raita, looks yummy! 🙂

  3. Pumpkin raita is new. I do prepare some raithas this way.But never thought of adding sauteed pumpkin to it. Nice one.

  4. Sowmi..This is new to me, even i started to take raita’s for my roti’s.

  5. this is new for me,..;-)i guess u can send this for fic orange btw how u feelin now,..??

  6. This is new to me..Looks yummyy.will try this..

  7. Who would have thought to add pumpkin to raita, very interesting…I think this would have tasted yum !

  8. Madhu's cooking gallery

    Hey, I love this raita.. I used to make this the exact same way u do..! It looks delicious! Congratulations on your awards Sowmya!

  9. Very different raita, love the color too 🙂

  10. wow pumplkin raita..nice idea..i too love recipes which are easy to make and healthy too..

  11. Mahimaa's kitchen

    woww.. very new to me. looks good.

  12. This is new, thanks for sharing.

  13. Taste of Mysore

    Raita with pumpkin is interesting Sowmya. Tell me about everyday menus….I think sleeping about “what to cook for breakfast” and travel in bus thinking about my dinner plans! It is so difficult to decide upon a menu 🙁

  14. Pumpkin raitha…must have tasted yummy…I love pumpkin anyway you make it..

  15. looks yummy..i used to make diff dishes with pumpkin but this raita is new to me..

  16. I can eat raithas with rotis too even some chutneys 🙂 Pumpkin raitha sounds very interesting.. does it taste a bit sweet though?

  17. Pumpkin raita is new to me! looks lovely. Gotta try this for the briyani soon.

  18. the raita looks yummy and easy to prepare.

  19. sounds yummy. will give a try.

  20. sriharivatsan

    This is new to me Sowmya..Sounds yummy..Will give it a try..

  21. My Haryanvi friend makes kind of raitha. I have had them and they taste great. I think rotis go well with raita. I used to have them too!

  22. New to me…would like to check at the earliest..looks awesome

  23. Delicious raitha, new to me:)

  24. Pavithra Kodical

    Pumpkin raitha is new to me.Will surely try this.Congrats on your award.

  25. New idea indeed. I have heard of raita of white gourd, but never of pumpkin.

  26. Raita looks very delicious Sowmya… Check out my blog for two beautiful awards.

  27. that’s yummy. i usually make it with ashgourd. need to try this one too.

  28. New to me but looks delicious sowmya..! 🙂

  29. Pumpkin raita looks yummy. BTW you can send this to FIC Orange

  30. That looks absolutely fabulous!

  31. Nithya Praveen

    Wow u r so lucky to have indian arround you,thats really good.The recipe is very quick and new,never thot of using pumpkin in raita.Good one!

  32. I love anything as long as there is curd with it. I’m crazy about curd.
    Thanks for sharing such simple & nice recipe

  33. you sure are lucky to have friends around. here, because of the climate one rarely sees people venture out of their homes 🙁

    i too love raita with rotis. pumpkin raita sounds interesting!

  34. My mil makes a similar raita,only difference being,she doesnt make the ground masala-instead,she adds everything to the seasoning and sautes the pumpkin pieces in it and when it cools down,adds the whisked curds.Lovely accompaniment with rice-dal.


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