Raagi and sweet potato pooris

       School holidays are going on. We have taken a break from the the usual routine of waking up early  and the same usual food of rice and dal for lunch and paratas for dinner etc. Its bit difficult to keep the kids engaged during the holidays, but I do find myself having some time left even after the usual chores. So you can find me posting more often nowadays.I have been doing a bit of baking too and also whipping up some yummy food for my kiddo. One more week left and the school reopens and I do have more plans for the next week.Okay, so one of these days I made this pooris with ragi and also thought of incorporating some sweet potatoes in it. My son loves pooris and this was something much more healthy than the usual pooris. It was quite filling and a hit at home.

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Raagi and sweet potato pooris Yum
  1. Peel and boil the sweet potato and mash it well maybe in a blender so that there will be no lumps. Now combine the flours and spices along with salt and the pureed sweet potato and knead it to firm and smooth dough. You may need to add some water while kneading but take care the dough does not become too loose. Use some oil in the end so the dough is non sticky.
  2. Now make small balls with the dough. Roll each ball into a small thin circle. Heat oil in a pan. When the oil is really hot, gently put the rolled circle in the hot oil. Allow it to cook on both sides. Remove from oil and place it on tissue paper so that the excess oil in absorbed.
  3. Serve hot with choleand pickle.
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12 thoughts on “Raagi and sweet potato pooris”

  1. wow, that combo looks superb, I have to start using raagi as I see so many delicious recipes all around 🙂

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