Raagi onion pakodas / fingermillet onion fritters

           Deep fried snacks is a rare thing at my place. I do make puris atleast once in a month or two. But sometimes we do crave for these snacks along with our evening tea especially during the weekends. So I made this sometime ago during one such weekend and we really enjoyed it. I gave a small twist by adding the raagi flour to the normal onion pakodas. Don’t know how healthier a deep fried snack can get??!!But it tasted nice and was quite crispy. Even my son who is a picky eater and is very reluctant to try out new things liked this one. So I can say with confidence that it was definitely good!! This can be made as a starter during dinner parties or when you have some unexpected guests. It gets ready in a jiffy.

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Raagi onion pakodas / fingermillet onion fritters Yum
  1. Take the sliced onions,green chillies and coriander leaves in a big bowl. Add the turmeric powder,soda and salt. Now add the flours. Add water slowly mixing the mixture with your fingers. The batter should not be runny. You should comfortably be able to pick it up with your fingers and put it in the oil, so it should be of a slightly thicker consistency. Heat oil in the pan. When it is very hot, slowly put some batter in the hot oil. Fry till it turns brown.
  2. Serve with some ketchup or even mint chutney.
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19 thoughts on “Raagi onion pakodas / fingermillet onion fritters”

  1. I too make this recipe.. Yours looks simply delicious and tempting.. Perfect tea time snack.. Gr8 preparation.. Yummy !!!Indian Cuisine

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