Raagi/finger millet soup

     Raagi or finger millet is the best natural source of iron and hence good for building haemoglobin. I was also advised by the doctor to take raagi as it is a very rich and readily available source of iron. I used to take a porridge made of raagi,milk and sugar almost everyday and got quite bored of the taste. But then I now occasionally enjoy this quick soup with or without the vegetables. You can also just omit the vegetables, add yogurt to the cooked raagi soup for a different taste.

Source- Adige mane ruchi(with some changes)

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Raagi/finger millet soup Yum

  • 2 tsp finger millet flour Raagi/
  • to taste Salt
  • 1 Carrots - chopped(You can use other vegetables too.)
  • 2 tsp finger millet flour Raagi/
  • to taste Salt
  • 1 Carrots - chopped(You can use other vegetables too.)
  1. Boil the clean chopped carrots in one glass of water till it turns soft. Add a glass of water in raagi flour gradually and ensure that there are no lumps in it(it should be a dilute mixture as it thickens on heating). Add salt. Mix well. Add this diluted raagi mixture to the cooked carrots (along with the stock). Stir till it thickens a little. Serve warm.
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  1. My parents drink a modified version of this soup almost everyday for breakfast 🙂 I haven’t renewed that habit..This sure serves as a reminder!!

  2. BangaloreBaker

    Very interesting one. It should keep the tummy full for a while I am sure.

  3. My grandma use to drink it everyday. I tried it for a week and got bored of the taste. Should try it with veggies next time.

  4. jeyashrisuresh

    never know that we can make soup with ragi.delicious and yummy one

  5. veena krishnakumar

    A very healthy one. Time to incorporate in our daily menu

  6. notyet100

    healthy soup,..

  7. Healthy and nutritious soup…got to try this soon.

  8. A bowl full of comfort n nutrition-good one!US Masala

  9. Now Serving

    Yum Sowmya! what a novel and healthy idea to make ragi soup! great post 🙂

  10. Mehjabeen Arif

    nice blending in vege’s in this sup.. liked the idea..

  11. Cool Lassi(e)

    This is so very healthy! One of my friend told me that Raagi is an authentic “Tamilar” food. I am beginning to experiment with Raagi too. When I do the Blogging Marathon(3rd batch), you will see a recipe with this as a star ingredient too.

  12. Premalatha Aravindhan

    Healthy soup,luks delicious…

  13. Torviewtoronto

    haven’t had this healthy looking souplooks delicious

  14. Aruna Manikandan

    Healthy delicious post dear 🙂

  15. Anusha Birlangi

    This is very healthy soup.It keeps hunger pangs away for hours..

  16. Hari Chandana

    Yummy and healthy !!Indian Cuisine

  17. Fantastic…irresistibly yumm..


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