Filipino fruit salad recipe – easy dessert recipes
Prep Time
Prep Time
  • 1can Fruit cocktail mix – (106 oz)
  • 1can Condensed milk– ( I used 395g nestle sweetened condensed milk)
  • 1can Cream– (I used nestle 250 ml cream)
  • 1cup Blueberrypie filling – ( I had , hence I used. totally optional)
  1. Drain the sugar syrup completely by passing the fruit mix through a sieve.
  2. Empty the condensed milk into a large salad bowl.
  3. Beat the cream for a minute or two by keeping it in a small bowl.Pour the cream slowly and stirring it at the same time so that the cream mixes with the condensed milk properly to form a uniform creamy mix.
  4. Add the fruits into the cream mix.
  5. Mix everything properly.
  6. I had blueberry pie filling leftover after making a cheesecake. So I topped the salad with this.
  7. Notes-
  8. 1. You can top with some jelly or some conserve if you want.
  9. 2. If you don’t get/have a cocktail mix, use papaya,peaches, pineapple,cherries, nata de coco, berries, apples(peeled), honeydew,cantaloupes.
  10. 3.You can use lowfat sweetened condensed milk and reduced cream to reduce the calories of the dessert.
  11. 4. Even cream cheese can be used in the salad dressing. Blend it with a cup of yogurt or milk in a blender and add it to the dressing.
  12. 5. A tip- When you are serving during parties, place the fruit salad pre -served in small disposable individual cups.
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