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Sep 20, 2014

Pineapple raitha recipe - Easy Side dishes for pulao and biryani

         This is one fruit which really fascinates me. I used to love pineapple juices and milkshakes when we used to go out during my college days. Nowadays I buy them whenever I can. My kiddo loves to eat them as such. I add them in fruit salads and custards as I make them quite often nowdays. I have used them in my bakes , but not so often and am quite tempted to do so very soon. And also there is one starter recipe which is so simple to make which I had in a restaurant couple of years ago. Will share it soon!!
pineapple raitha recipe

Sep 6, 2014

Tofu and mixed vegetable curry with chickpeas - Side dish for rice or quinoa

         Rice is quite tempting for us. But as we have been avoiding it as much as possible for quite sometime now and  have been using wholegrains in our cooking. I have mentioned this before and highly proteineceous quinoa is one of them. So I make tomato quinoa or lemon quinoa or some salad with it. The other day, I saw this recipe of a vegan side dish served with quinoa in one of the blogs, I quickly bookmarked it and made it very soon. I changed the ingredients to my convinience and taste. I loved the combination of tofu and chickpeas along with other vegetables. And everything dunked in creamy coconut milk simply enhanced the flavour of the whole thing. I just added sambar powder and so it was mildly spiced ,my family loves it that way. I served it with some cooked quinoa and it was simply delicious. I think I ate a lot that day. You can even serve this with hot rice or cumin rice. This is a very simple curry without a complex recipe and using healthy ingredients and as usual takes very little of your time.
tofu chickpea curry

May 28, 2014

Raw mango curry- Kairi/ aam ki subji - Easy side dishes with raw/green mango recipes

      Remember our south Indian mango pachadi. I made it during the tamil new year this year. I turned out so delicious , so good that I just had a bowl of it as a dessert. I wanted to make it again and post it here, but never found the time for it. But that day I was also reminded of the raw mango curry which was actually served in our office canteen during the mango season. I used to love that one with hot chapatis and thought of giving it a try. We loved it. Do try it for a change.

Jan 27, 2014

Kothavarangai puli kootu- Cluster beans tamarind gravy- South Indian lunch recipes

    I love cluster beans. I find this frequently nowadays, thanks to the Indian grocery shops which have opened nearby. Its much easier to get many fresh Indian vegetables every week rather than visiting little India once in a while.
    I usually make a stir fry adding onions and it makes a delicious side dish for chapatis.
My mom used to make a kootu adding pepper, tamarind and jaggery. I loved that.
Here I have used a similar recipe I found in meenakshi ammal. I made it as a side dish for rice and sambar.
kothavarangai kootu recipe

Nov 25, 2013

How to make palakchi dal - palak katli recipe # Maharashtrian style spinach lentil sidedish for rice

   A Maharahtrian friend gave me this recipe recently and I have already made this thrice with some slight variations each time which I have mentioned in the notes below. It really goes well with rice.
Its very easy to make and does not require any other side dish as it is a whole meal itself. Its so nutritious for the kids too. I love the combination of various flavours in this dal. Do try and give your feedback.
how to make palakchi dal

Nov 10, 2013

Chow chow / chayote squash chutney recipe - Side dish for dosas

       Chow chow or Bangalore kathrikkai or chayote squash is widely available Indian vegetable even in the local supermarkets of Singapore.Actually the fact is this is one vegetable used mostly in the south indian kitchen and also by many races of the people throughout the world. As I find it here easily, this is one vegetable made almost every week at my place. I mostly use it in kootu , but I love the thuvayal or the chutneys made with it. The squash is quite tasteless , so it tastes good when spiced adequately. I made the chutney slightly different than usual for dosas one day. So decided to blog about it.
Also see how to make chowchow kootu in microwave.
how to make chow chow chutney

Oct 21, 2013

Boondi raitha recipe - side dish for any rice variety

     I am sorry if you were expecting some other post probably a sweet recipe for diwali today and landed for a very simple recipe of boondi raitha. I still have to draft the post for some sweets. Till then hope you enjoy this side dish for any rice variety especially for pulaos and vegetable rice.
I have always loved this when I was young when we ate out and hardly was made at home. I remembered this some couple of months ago and since then make it quite regularly for get togethers.
Check out for vegetable pulao recipe here.
boondhi raitha

Sep 21, 2013

Karuveppilai thuvayal recipe - How to make curry leaves chutney!

        I had never tasted this chutney before. My hubby has had it before and he asked me to make it as it is very tasty.I found the recipe in a few tamil cookbooks.This chutney has such a wonderful aroma. Even while making the chutney, the aroma was so tempting.
       Do try this very flavourful and aromatic chutney! I am sure you will love it!!
curry leaves chutney recipe

Aug 31, 2013

Vegetable Nilgiri Kurma recipe - Side dish for chapatis or rice

     My hubby gets Indian food in his office canteen nowadays. It was a welcome change for the Indians in his office after having the available vegetarian options of stir fried rice or noodles or some partially cooked vegetables. So on the first few days, he used to send me the pictures of his food plate or the lunch menu etc. One day, he said that they served vegetable nilgiri kurma and it was quite good.The name was quite new to me. So I searched the net and got a few recipes of this kurma.
I made for my chapatis one night for dinner. So do try this one for a change from your usual side dishes. You will love it.
how to make nilgiri kurma

Jun 10, 2013

Green chutney Dal recipe | How to make dal using green chutney

         I had already written in my last post about how handy green chutney is and how many recipes it can be used apart from from regular chats. Its also one way to preserve the mint and coriander leaves you buy because they tend to wilt within a few days.
         Sometimes, my days are really busy and the younger one does not allow me to cook at all. But I have to keep the lunch ready before the elder one returns from school. So that when the green chutney comes in so handy for me. I sometimes make a quick one pot pulao with the green chutney paste or make a simple dal like this one. Its very quick to make and it tastes great too with so many flavours in it. Try it and do tell me how you liked it.
how to make dal fry

Jun 8, 2013

How to make Green chutney - Mint coriander chutney recipe - Basic kitchen requirements

           A friend of mine makes this often. She had once made this for a get together as one of the side dishes  and I asked for the recipe. I have also made this a couple of times(infact whenver I buy the coriander leaves and mint leaves) by now and use it in different preparations too. I once made a dal with it(recipe coming soon. ) I also add it in my pulao for the extra flavour. I just serve it with rotis along with subji and dal as an extra side dish. It tastes even good with our curd rice. You can use it in your sandwiches or parathas or chats and so many other recipes you can think of .  So hope you try and make this one regularly, really comes in handy.
green chutney recipe

May 26, 2013

Onion tomato gothsu recipe - Side dish for idli,dosa and pongal

        At my place, tomato gothsu or kathrikkai/brinjal gothsu is made along with pongal. I have made this a couple of times though not frequently. I was really wondering what to make for dinner one night. I was in no mood to make chapatis which I usually make for dinner almost everyday.I had some idli batter left and decided to go ahead with some kancheepuram idlis and some gothsu to go with it. It made a good combination. It is really easy to make and is ready in minutes.Next time, when you don't have much time for a side dish for idlis , dosa or pongal , try this one.

    This recipe is followed at my place and my mom and grandmom make this way though I have seen people follow different methods of making it.
how to make tomato gothsu

May 24, 2013

Beetroot Chutney recipe | Beetroot Thuvayal-- Side dish for rice and chapatis

        There are some days when I don't feel like cooking much or I really don't feel like spending a long time in the kitchen. Thats when such vegetable chutneys come to my rescue. They can be easily served with some steamed rice or any rice variety  like lemon rice or coconut rice. It does not take a long time to make this kind of chutney because you dont have to make any elaborate gravies etc. Morever its healthy too and you wont be missing your daily dose of vegetables in your diet. It does tastes great.
beetroot chutney recipe

May 6, 2013

How to make kollu thuvaiyal--horsegram chutney recipe

After the awareness of how healthy kollu or horsegram is , I have started exploring the possible recipes with it. I decided to make chutney with it as I had once tasted at a friends place years ago but had never bothered for the recipe. I decided to check the Internet for the recipe and found in several sites. So I decided to use my normal thuvayal/chutney recipe ,but added garlic for more taste. It was really delicious and went really well with rice for our dinner one day. Next day, I used the same chutney for dosa and that made a good combination too!!!
More kollu recipes in this blog--
Kollu rasam
Kollu idli

how to make horsegram chutney

Apr 24, 2013

Simple vegetable sambar recipe- -How to make south indian sambar

     Some couple of years ago, when I posted a tamil lunch, a reader requested to post the recipe for south Indian sambar. Though I make it so so frequently, I never took pictures and did a post. Now recently my son has developed a taste for sambar. So I make one with all the healthy vegetables and he actually loves to have it with steamed basmati rice.
     I have given a list of vegetables I usually make with, but its choice. Do try adding sweet potatoes as its very good for kids. Few pieces of  beetroot lends a nice colour to the sambar.
     I usually get a huge stock of milled sambar powder from my native place every year, I have also tried using aacchi sambar powder for a change and liked it. But I will give a recipe for sambar powder which can be made at home in my next post.
how to make south indian sambar

Apr 8, 2013

Inji Kuzhumbu recipe- Ginger gravy

     The climate in Singapore keeps on changing and as a result maximum people get affected with cold and throat infections. The same had happened a couple of years ago. I was conversing with my friend on the telephone and she told me that everyone had a bad throat infection and her mother who was visiting then had made a inji kuzhumbu(ginger gravy) and it was quite soothing. I myself had a bad throat and immediately asked her mother for the recipe. I made it and it was so delicious and felt very good. I have been making this since then.
      Ginger is also good for digestion and I make this after we have had something heavy the previous day too just like  vathakuzhumbu.

inji kuzhumbu recipe

Apr 2, 2013

Vadai curry recipe- Side dish for Idli and dosa

       I don't remember having vadai curry up to date. Making this at our homes must have been out of question because whole spices were never used in our cooking. My grandmother stills hates the nice aroma of whole spices but still cooks for us as we love anything with the masala/spices.It has become an essential part of our cooking. Anyway, when I saw the recipe of vadai curry, it sort of intrgued me. I have seen this in several sites and different methods people have used for cooking this one. I made it for idlis one day. My hubby vaguely remembers having this one in a restaurant.He loved it and said it tasted quite authentic. Its an easy one and am sure to make this again!
how to make vadai curry

Oct 15, 2012

Arachu kalaki - side dish for poricha kuzhumbu

      Arachu kalaki is a very popular dish from kerala. As I belong to Tirunelveli in tamil nadu, we have some dishes from kerala in our staple diet like Olan which I had posted ages ago.
     This is made from small(really small) raw mangoes which is mixed with rock salt and chilly powder in a barani( container for pickles especially). As it ages, the salt brings out the water, the raw mango shrinks, softens,  absorbs the flavours making it suitable for consumption. I will try to post the recipe for this pickle sometime in future.
     So then  whenever poricha kuzhumbu (my hubby calls it poricha kootu, I think natives from Tanjore call it that way) is made, arachu kalaki is a surely prepared along with it.We used to love it when mom made this when we were kids. When I got a bottle of maavadu /vadu maangai from our relatives sometime ago, I make it a point to make this along with poricha kuzhumbu( have made it several times by now actually). And I was quite excited when I made this for the first time.
      It is really delicious and makes a excellent side dish.
arachu kalaki recipe

Sep 27, 2012

Ennai kathrikkai curry - South indian recipe

       My mom used to make this when we were kids. But somehow this was actually forgotten and I haven't had this for years together. I always thought of making them whenever I buy the small brinjals and finally managed to make them during a weekend. We had it with some rice and tomato rasam. It was delicious!!
ennai kathrikkai curry recipe

Sep 25, 2012

Dangar/daangar pachadi - side dish for rice varieties

       I had got the udid dal flour to make some thenkuzhals when my grandmom was here.Hence had a huge amount of it remaining and thats when my grandmom made this pachadi and we all loved it with bisibele rice. I had taken the recipe then. I have made it number of times by now and is nice change from the usual pachadis/raitas. Its quite popular in the Tirunelveli region and I was quite intrigued by the name of this dish. I made it again last weekend and decided to blog the recipe.
tirunelveli dangar pachadi


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