Spinach raitha

This is a healthy and a simple side dish with spinach which goes very well with all kind of mixed rice variety and I usually make this for Bisi bela bhaat. Several years ago , I had tasted this at my cousins place and loved it so much,that it has become a regular thing at home. This one goes to my SWC- cooking with greens event.

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Spinach raitha Yum
  1. Heat oil in a pan. Add the mustard seeds and green chillies. Then add the chopped spinach and saute for around 5 minutes till it cooks well. Don't overcook it and don't add water making it mushy. Add salt and mix well.
  2. Add this cooked spinach to the curd and stir till it mixes well.
  3. Serve with any kind of mixed rice.
Recipe Notes

Thanks a lot for sending me your entries for the SWC- Cooking with greens event. I have received fairly large number of entries and am so happy about your active participation. You still have a few hours left to send the entries, so please do so if you haven't already. Do send me the email to include your entry in the round up. I will post the round up next week.

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28 thoughts on “Spinach raitha”

  1. I wanted to send u a recipe and came to ur blog to check the last day,lol today is the last day,i am sorry not able to send,i have 2 greens in my draft 🙁

  2. Hmm the greens entered even raithas..That is so healthy…All the Best for round up..THe round up will be more interesting and healthy as it includes healthy greens…waiting for it gal..

  3. Spinach Raitha?? I have never heard of it, But sounds too interesting. When I make Raitha next time, it sure going to be this 🙂

  4. Spinach raita looks refreshing:).I’m not much of a greens person and seldom cook with it,thats why couldnt send you an entry for SWC.Looking forward to the round-up though,I baddly need to start liking greens,for our health;)

  5. Hey howru doin..Couldnt see u around in blogs, for couple of days, Wats up? Vacationing or what? 🙂 Chalo, take care..

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