T-shirt painting.

As the painting fever goes on..I also tried my hand on painting a tshirt. Priyanka has been a great inspiration for me. Her work is very impressive. Though I have done work on fabric before, painting on t-shirt was something which I have never done or thought of. After asking few tips from Priyanka, I decided to work on this t shirt. I was quite satisfied with the results and plan to do somemore.

Please do give me your suggestions and tips to do better.

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  1. Wow!!! Very creative Sowmi…too good.Looks like Priyanka has inspired a lot of us.

  2. this is lookin so nice,..doesnt look like ur first one,..neat too,.do more,..;-)will be waitin for ur creations,..

  3. Nice and superb Painting Sowmya…….

  4. Priyanka is a real inspiration for painting tshirts..you have done a great job…picture perfect painting..keep going

  5. beautiful painting!

  6. hi soumya first time at ur blog…ur really good at painting.,it reminded me of my graduation days when i did lot of pot painting n stuff.,u need to hav a lot a patience for that .,i appreciate it

  7. Wow, that looks wonderful… nice colours!

  8. Awesome work.

  9. Wow..tht is really neat work…so gud Sowmya…gud going dear

  10. wow! u girls are creative…i liked ur t shirt art the best! is it possible for you to share how to do these? I wud love to learn

  11. Hey,very creative indeed and its just great one to begin with.

  12. The tee-shirt looks great with a such a hopeful message. I have always meant to paint a tee-shirt for my hubby, but never found the inspiration to do that! Now seeing your post, I have been reminded of my long planned-plans:))


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