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Jam swirled muffins recipe

It looks so appealing with the jam on the top and kids will surely enjoy them. So that day I decided to make the normal way without any healthy ingredients. I used all purpose flour and granulated white sugar. I used only half a cup of sugar and it was okay for us. There is sweetness of the jam too.


Blueberry muffins- healthy and beautiful!!

I just cant stop myself buying bluberries whenever I see them at the supermarket. They are not so expensive and too tempting to resist myself buying them even if I dont have anything specific in my mind on how to use them. I had made a pretty cake with them before and now I was eager to make some muffins- and that too something really healthy and guilt free.So using the plain flour was out of question and it had to be wheat. But recently I saw jayasree using the multigrain atta by pilsbury and fortunately I found that in…