Temple of heaven- Woodcraft

This is made from pieces of wood from a woodcraft construction kit I bought from the popular book shop more than six months ago. Somehow I kept on postponing it. It seemed to be very easy. Of course, it is easy, but you have to have lot of patience, I think. I started with great enthusiasm and it was taking a good shape, but during the final construction, the pieces kept on falling. I lost my patience and kept it back and somehow I never brought myself to complete it.Finally, today my hubby said he will help me with this and we decided to complete it. It looks so elegant that it is certainly worth the patience and efforts you put into it.

I am also planning to colour it. Will update the post with the painted pictures when I do it and if I do it!!!

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32 thoughts on “Temple of heaven- Woodcraft”

  1. Painting is a good idea Sowmya. This time I will take some courage to buy it 🙂 as I know my enthusiasm is short lived 🙁

  2. wow…just superb…from where did you buy the kit. If you could give details even i am interested to make one. Thankswww.blogandsoul.com/getcrafty

  3. Good one. I have done a woodecraft kit also….Peacock…..but before I could blog it my lil one has broken it into pieces. Do color it. it will be so novel.

  4. Wow! sowmya this blog is superb…..feeling jealous about you…….u get so much time to spend it fruitfully……keep posting good and let us know when u post a new craft or recipe……

  5. Hi,The temple of Heaven in Beijing looks exactly like this. I am sure it would look great with Painting. It actually has three main colours, Blue,Red and yellow the royal colours.. You have a lot of Patience 🙂 Looks great

  6. @ shubai got it from popular book stores in singapore, but i have seen it in many other shops in Singapore too..

  7. Looks so pretty.. Amazing patience and lovely work.. 🙂 Keep it up. Nice to see ur blog and all ur works are really nice.. 🙂

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