Ulundu,udid dal vadai / medhu vada

       I have made this ulundu(in tamil) or udid dal vadais  a couple of times, but I never managed to get the proper shape because the batter used to be quite watery. Then my friend suggested me to use wet grinder for grinding the batter as you can use very minimal amount of water during the grinding process and the batter remains quite thick.So after a long time, I made them for the tamil new year. They turned out to be really crisp and delicious.

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Ulundu,udid dal vadai / medhu vada Yum
Course snack

south indian
Course snack
Cuisine south indian
  1. Soak the dal for 3 to 4 hours. Drain the water completely. Now grind the dal to a smooth paste using a wet grinder preferably. If you dont have one, use a blender/mixer. Please try not to add any water while grinding. Just add a few teaspoons of water if you find it very thick and is difficult for grinding. The batter should be thick and smooth. Try touching the batter with your fingers to ensure that there are no grains.Now add the peppercorns, salt and some pinched curry leaves into the batter and mix well.
  2. Heat the oil for deep frying .Now take a small ball of the batter on your palms(wet your palms so that the batter does not stick to your palms. Flatten it with your fingers and make a hole in the center. You can also make this discs on a wet plastic/polythene sheet. Carefully put this dumplings in hot oil.Fry them on the medium flame so that its well cooked from inside too, till they turn a golden brown.
  3. Serve them hot with some coconut chutney.
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  1. Premalatha Aravindhan

    Delicious vadai,luks perfect…

  2. Prathibha

    The key to perfect vada would b d thickness of d batter…they came out perfect dear

  3. Vada looks perfect..Feel lika having a piece right now..Sunanda’s Kitchen

  4. Shama Nagarajan

    delicious vadai..looks perfect

  5. Aruna Manikandan

    one of my favorite….looks delicious dear 🙂

  6. Hamaree Rasoi

    This time they have come out perfectly dear. Looks perfect and crispy.Deepa Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Priya Suresh

    Would love to have some with some coconut chutney,my fav.

  8. Priya Yallapantula

    They look absolutely perfect and delicious 🙂

  9. Vada looks perfect..Feel like having a piece right now..

  10. VineelaSiva

    Yummy wada the prepasentation looks fabulous.Love it.

  11. Torviewtoronto

    wonderfully done vada delicious

  12. Taste of Mysore

    our all time fav is uddinvade! slurrp! looks yummy

  13. Mehjabeen Arif

    vadas look so crispy.. yum.. such a comfort food..


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