Vegetable kofta- bake version

After posting almost a series of sweets in my previous posts, Today I decided that it was time to post some nice, spicy, mouth watering recipe.

I made this vegetable kofta 3 weeks ago, but some ocassion or the other kept me from posting this one though I was very excited about this particular one as I used my oven for something else other than my cakes(as I had planned when I made this).

I had planned to use the paniyaaram pan to shallow fry the koftas , but later baked them. Yes I do look for low calorie and fat free recipes nowadays.And when you always have alternate way to substitute the fats ,there is no need to resist the temptations to such exotic dishes. There was no difference in the taste and that I could have them without any guilt.

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Vegetable kofta- bake version Yum
Course side dish
Cuisine north indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course side dish
Cuisine north indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Pressure cook the potatoes,carrots and peas till soft.Drain water completely. Mash them well. Add the paneer, turmeric powder and salt.Mix well and roll them into small balls.Roll them on gram flour if its not dry and a bit mushy.Rub oil on all the balls. Place them on a oven plate and bake at 180c for 20 minutes till they appear brown on the top.
Recipe Notes

Baked Koftas

For the gravy, grind the onions,tomatoes,ginger and garlic to a paste. Heat oil in a pan. Add the ground paste. Saute for sometime. Then add rest of the spices,kasuri methi and cashew paste. Add half a cup of water and cook for around 20 minutes till the raw smell of the onions and tomatoes disappear and the consistency is a bit thick(should not be runny).Add the curd/cream.Mix well.

Add the koftas in the gravy just few minutes before serving.(Don't add them before serving, otherwise the koftas will become soggy.It is supposed to be slightly crispy)

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    Thats a healthier choice sowmya! Looks mouthwatering:)

  2. Hi Sowmya, guiltless koftas is a recipe that is a sure success…like the pics and byline on your masthead.

  3. Priya Suresh

    Deligthful dish, loved the baked kofta n the curry looks delicious…

  4. Sowmya,thats for sure a great try…Loved the version.

  5. love this healthy version. Like you said, we can eat this without any guilt. Will try this soon 🙂

  6. that sounds healthy!!! will give a try!!!

  7. Koftas alone can make a guilt free snack.

  8. Baked Koftas sounds great, perfect looking dish! 🙂

  9. Guiltless kofta sounds fantastic and these are considerably faster than using the paniyaram pan too…perfect 🙂

  10. I’ve tried baking them once before when I had trouble frying them (since they split in the oil)… and was quite happy with the results. Your curry looks delicious.

  11. Loved the baked kofta n the curry looks delicious..sounds gr8:)

  12. Ooof what beautiful koftas. that gravy looks so rich & delicious!

    Happy Birthday to your blog!

  13. What a great way to indulge this creamy gravy

  14. even i prepared bread roll using appm pan,,..ur koftas look healthy nd yum,..hpyy reublic day,..cee u soon,..

  15. Mahimaa's kitchen

    great idea to bake…. healthier than usual method. looks gorgeous.

  16. this is such a great idea! will try it!

  17. nice koftas & healthy too

  18. Vanamala Hebbar

    Looks nice gravy dish…bake version is tooo good

  19. Pavithra Kodical

    Wow healthy and delicious..

  20. nice way to make healthy koftas..curry looks very delicious

  21. Andhra Flavors

    hey what a co-incident I made malai kofta for my son’s b’day party. now iam going to post this. i love kofta recipe. urs is beautiful.

  22. This looks ggreat,I can have the koftas without any gravy.No different it looks from the deep fried ones.Definitely low fat and healthy.

  23. Nice yummy healthy recipe. Truly creative. Hey I’ve started an event, please participate if you are interested. Thank you 😉

  24. Lovely. They are low fat and still look absolutely delicious 🙂

  25. Baking a kofta seems a great idea..Thanks for sharing Sowmya..Your dish looks great..

  26. Koftas looking delicious and the gravy is yummy…

  27. Baking hte koftas is great idea . curry sounds great, surely will give a try. Check my blog for a refreshing surprise.

  28. Healthy kofta! looks so yummy sowmya.

  29. Gr8…. looks nice

  30. These looks creamy and deliciouis.

  31. Need to try this baked version soon…

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  32. it looks too good!

  33. Sukanya Ramkumar

    That was a healthy kofta recipe. Look so perfect. YUM!

  34. Nithya Praveen

    Wow good one Sowmya….looks wonderful.I really need to try this soon.

  35. Regarding the pudding cookies…the powder I referred in my recipe looks a lot like custard powder with sugar included …so you can use any flavored custard powder of the same quantity and add sugar to taste for the cookies too…

  36. First time here.. Love koftas..This is a healthy as it is not deep fried..Looks very creamy and yummy..

  37. Viki's Kitchen

    Lovely curry . I bookmarked it. yummy.

  38. Trail back girl I have somethin for you in my blog!

  39. Joie de vivre

    How lovely.

  40. Adlak's tiny world

    baking such a healthy version of making koftas… never tried this.. wish to have and try it soon..

  41. so healthy, love your recipe…

  42. Jayashree Mudaliar

    Thanks for stopping by at my space.. you have a nice space too..and congratulations on the successful completion of a blogging year..Well done!!!

  43. This is my hubby dear fav dish. Will try soon. Looks great with cute pictures.
    There is something interesting for you in my blog.check it out.

  44. Kofta curry looks rich and delicious. never thought of oven baking the koftas. that sure is a healthier version

  45. Healthier and easy kofta.Got to try it.

  46. Varsha Vipins drooling Sowmya.I have some Tofu in hand..Mebe Il try with that sometime soon..Thanks..:)

  47. Lubna Karim

    Wow makes me drool. Looks spicy and yummy.

  48. certainly healthier,love it!

  49. Yum Yum mouthwateringly yummy koftas. Once I buy my oven Iam going to try this out. I have asked you on Orkut what type of Oven I must buy please help me with your suggestions. Thanks

  50. Madhu's cooking gallery

    Nice non-greasy kofta’s 🙂 Wonderful pics! makes me drool!

  51. Vegetable kofta is my son’s favorite. I try it with different variations. This would make my son happier.


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