Vegetable stew for idiyappam.

I always wanted to have this when I saw them in menu cards in the Indian restaurants. But my hubby used to dismiss the dish saying that I won’t like it. So this way I had never tasted until my last trip to chennai when my sister in law ordered it for a breakfast. And I simply loved it. Since then I always wanted to try this combination at home. But I never managed to buy the press for idiyappam. But finally , I found a instant idiyappam packet at the Indian stores and bought it immediately.

So I made this combination for a sunday brunch. We all loved it. It was delicious and quite filling too.

The idiyappam had to be kept in a bowl containing boiling water(salt added) and closed with a lid for few minutes. The water has to be drained. And the idiyappam is ready.

For the vegetable stew-

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Vegetable stew for idiyappam. Yum
  1. Cook the vegetables in boiling water adding salt and turmeric powder, till it become soft. Meanwhile, add oil in a pan. Add jeera, red chillies,coriander seeds, spices. Fry till it turns to a slight brown colour. Grind it to a smooth powder. Add this mixture/ masala to the cooked vegetables and mix well. Cook for another 5 minutes. Then add the coconut milk and keep for another 2 minutes. Don't cook for a long time after adding coconut milk.
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30 thoughts on “Vegetable stew for idiyappam.”

  1. Looks delicious Sowmya…and your dates cake below looks pretty yummy are not the last blogger to try I am yet to try that cake too have been seeing it on various blogs and thinking that I need to try it…Happy Diwali to you and your family 🙂

  2. Wow looks so yummy….love idiyappam and kurma…your kurma looks very nice and creamy…gud one dear…Wish you and family Happy & Prosperous Diwali

  3. My first visit here and all yr stuffs are inspiring and mouth watering sowmya. Especially i fond of rasagullas and curd vadas.

    So tempting yr stew and it also accompanies well with appam.

  4. I am feeling too hungr after seeing your blog…. idiyappam stew, dates cake, dahi vada…. which on to taste first…. want all of them:)

  5. I love idiyaappam, I eat this each time I go to India; I’m kinda lazy to do this at home :)nice vegetable kurma too;

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