Vegetarianism- A Thought (Guest post)



Not long ago, I wanted to have a taste of Non Vegetarian diet.  The Law of Economics says any “want” should be backed by “desire” and “purchasing capacity” to transform into demand. For reasons unknown, my own want didn’t get the backing of strong “desire” and hence didn’t transform to demand.

Looking back, I am happy about it, happy for having retained my Vegetarian status.  Most vegetarians are questioned about their consumption of “Dairy Products”. Cake Lovers, face additional clarifications on egg consumption. The divine subject of “Egg” whether vegetarian or not, by and large remains unanswered.  Probably its time we educate ourselves a little more on Vegetarianism.

Going by the dictionary, “Vegetarianism” is a practice of following “Plant Based Diet”.  However, when dairy products are consumed by Vegetarians, they are called “LACTO- VEGETARIANS”. Similarly those who consume Eggs are called “OVO VEGETARIANS”. Thus, vegetarian cake lovers and dairy consumers come under the LACTO-OVO category. Not that, the Vegetarian Societies are trying to endorse this practice via classifications.  But this categorization can be used as benchmarks by those who wish to adopt a vegetarian diet.  There is also a segment called SEMI VEGETARIANS where there is an allowance for poultry and fish products. Sounds to me, like a teetotaler who considers “Wine” as an exception.

A common myth on Vegetarianism is the absence of (substantial) nutritional content in it.  The statement is more relative than absolute. Soy products, Legumes and Whole grains are rich sources of protein. For calcium one can turn to dark green vegetables, such as spinach, turnip and broccoli. Nuts and Wheat gram have been considered perennial “Zinc” Lenders.

Coming to Iron Content, its bioavailability may be less but meat alternates exist in large numbers. Vegetarian foods rich in iron include lentils, oatmeal, raisins and cashews.  Your choice of Breakfast Cereals can influence the presence of Iron Content in meals. For Lacto – Ovo Vegetarians, Corn Flakes, is the easiest option.

I sense some of you thinking “these are typical examples given to keep the flag of Vegetarianism flying”. With all due respect to that, nutritional viabilities under Vegetarian Diet cannot be ignored.  It’s ironical to note that we are touching on the second stage of thought process while discussing the Health Inputs under Vegetarianism. The primary question remains “Are we serious of considering Vegetarianism an option? “

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  1. Umm Mymoonah

    Nice post with lots of information, good to know about the Vegetarism and different categories.

  2. Gopika Ram Nambiar

    I loved this guest post.. Awesome read. Being a vegetarian, I think I can relate to it well 🙂


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