Our Visit to Thai Express- Thai Vegetarian food!!

I have always loved trying out different vegetarian cuisines of the world. My family is totally in love with indian food and prefer going to indian restaurants and are quite happy to order their comfort food almost everytime. Even when we have travelled to different countries, they are always in a hunt for an Indian restaurant and settle on a subway sandwich or a veggie pizza if nothing is available.

From the last few months I have coaxed them to try different cuisines. We did go to a few places.But we have frequented the chinese vegetarian stalls at a few places and we have liked it.

I have been searching the net for a good vegetarian thai food restaurant from a last few days. We had had lot of thai food during our bangkok trip a couple of years ago. We had liked it , especially  the flavours are quite similar to indian food and we really did not have to develop a  special taste for it. We just liked it.

So one day when I was visiting the library at west mall, Singapore, I spotted this ‘Thai express’ restaurant. We flipped through the menu and were delighted to find vegetarian options. So one fine sunday, we decided to visit this place. My family really enjoyed the food there and I am sure , we will be visiting this place regularly now. We ordered a few dishes and I have posted the pictures. Looks tempting?????

      The above picture if of pineapple fried rice. This is one thing which we have had a couple of times in many different places and is available in many vegetarian stalls in the foodcourts of singapore. I had loved the way where they served this rice in a pineapple itself!! It looked quite attractive here too. It was served inside a folded banana leaf, perhaps to keep it warm. They had also placed some tofu satay and some roasted cashews along with it. The whole thing was quite appealing and delicious!!

I had ordered basil tofu with rice. I have recently developed a taste and enjoy the flavour of basil . I definitely liked this one.             The above picture is of deep fried tofu. It was nice and spicy with a combination of different flavours. This was one dish which we all enjoyed equally.      Phat thai or pad thai noodles was ordered by my son. It was a bit spicy for him, but he enjoyed it. The served this some red chilly flakes and coarsely crushed peanut powder.     Mango sticky rice was something which we definitely wanted to have. I have heard a lot about this dessert and even wanted to try making this at home, but it never happened. We loved the mildly sweet dessert with the lovely flavour of rice cooked in coconut milk and having this with mango was pure bliss!!       The above drink is coconut crush , a fresh coconut drink which was quite delicious!!   The above drink needs no introductions as it is the popular thai mango blend. This was quite good too!

We really enjoyed the meal and am already looking forward to visit the place again. I would love to try their raw mango peanut salad. The waitress offered to make a vegetarian version of this , but we had to politely refuse as we were too full to have anything else. There are few puddings and desserts especially their thai tea which I will be trying next time. So finally I have found a good place to eat thai food. But sure , I will be exploring more!!

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  1. Food is just so amazing. I love Thai cuisine just so truly. Yum.


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