Wedding decoration show pieces with dry coconut and betel nuts

    These beautiful articles or show pieces were exhibited on the dais during my sister’s wedding recently. Its quite popular in the Karnataka region.As it was appreciated by one and all, I decided to share this with my readers . These pieces are available in the market in Bangalore. You can also place an order in case of specific requirement. In our case, it was provided to us by the wedding contractor.

PS- I have not created them. I am just sharing the pictures because I found it really interesting.

If you are really creative, you can try making it yourselves. They are beautiful. Aren’t they?

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6 thoughts on “Wedding decoration show pieces with dry coconut and betel nuts”

  1. @veena- As i have mentioned , we got it from the wedding contractor, but I got some info from a forum group in indusladies..I have copy pasted it for your reference below-This is called kobbari gituku kettane (dry coconut carving). This is available in shops in Bangalore in almost all areas where the pooja items are sold. These shops are called Grandige angadi.The famous one is in Gandhi bazaar (basavanagudi), shop name is Satish Stores. This also availabe in shops of Malleswaram which is also famous to hold such items, I guess you would get in Cauvery Emporium also.

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