Wheat cake recipe – totally indian

I am a grass , or am I a cereal or a grainI am everywhere and in almost all the foods you eat.My whole being used in many ways without restrain I offer you something which is so hard to beatI am as old as you can think of me to beThought to be originated from the land of camelsI am breakfast, lunch and dinner for all to seeOr be it desserts from cakes , pies to caramelsI am famous all over the world from east to westAs breads, flatbreads , cookies to muffinsI am v healthy and like a treasure chestFor ppl – weight conscious and its healthy kinsBuckle up and take a pen and a paperI am yellow when alive, brown when put to ‘dust’Eating me makes you look so dapperNow think hard and tell me what is that grain that we all genuinely trust!!!

This was the riddle sent to me when I opted for a box in Open sesame contest. It was such fun looking for the answer to the riddle. My first answer was wrong , but with the second clue,I could guess it right. But when I looked at the riddle after I knew the correct answer, the answer seemed to be so obvious. Yes it indeed is WHEAT. How did I miss it the first time!!!!

Wheat is a staple food in our Indian diet. I decided to bake a cake with indian flavours. I used jaggery and cardamom powder and the addition of nuts and dates added to the flavour.

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Wheat cake recipe - totally indian Yum

Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dessert
Cook Time 30 minutes
  1. Chop the nuts and mix them with flour. Sift the flour and baking powder in a bowl .Add cardamom powder in it. In another mixing bowl, add jaggery and oil and mix well. Then add the eggs slowly and mix well.Then stir in the flour slowly mixing it while adding. Add rose essence and water. Mix the nuts with some flour and fold the nuts and dates in the batter.Mix gently.
  2. Pour the batter in a greased oven safe dish and bake it in a preheated oven at 180c.
  3. Cool and cut them into pieces.
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  1. You made a cake with wheat! Looks great and that’s very creative of you!:))

  2. srikars kitchen

    wow…. Great entry….. Fantastic and delicious cake….great click

  3. notyet100

    wow,..wheat cake…new forme,..nice entry…

  4. Maheswari

    Hey..i got the same riddle..i made laddus.Your cake looks delicious…

  5. the cake looks good. whole wheat is always a good option.

  6. Vanamala Hebbar

    Nice one….Nice pics

  7. Cake looks delicious, Sowmya! Great dish for IFL! 🙂

  8. wow, the cake looks awesome, Sowmya! I got the same riddle too. Just posted the recipe.

  9. I got the same riddle , nice entry 🙂

  10. Yummy wheat cakes!!Good Effort

  11. that looking nice sowmya… can i have a little from that..

  12. Pearlsofeast

    wow wheat, sounds and looks great.Nice combo and very healthy too.

  13. Illatharasi

    Wheat cake… hmmm healthy one… I have to try lot of cakes from your blog 😉

  14. Taste of Mysore

    very healthy cake and I am sure this cake like the choclate cake of bloggers meet would have tasted delicious.

  15. WOW…Wheat cake….new for me……looks great……gr8 entry..

  16. Ooh, yum. The wheat cake looks delicious, Sowmya.

  17. Devi Priya

    Another healthy and creative recipe..Way to go girl!

  18. Healthy cake.. i will buy it!!!

  19. ‘Wheat Cake’ is such a unique entry Sowmya. Thanks dear!


  20. Illatharasi

    Pick up your award from my blog;)

  21. Hi Sowmya, thanks for dropping by! you have very nice recipes out here on your blog! am bookmarking you right now! u guys are so lucky to be able to meet and catch up!! I don’t know any other foodie blogger from UAE!!!! Love the cake idea – will try it as my next baking attempt. I also baked a coconut cake with whole wheat/atta and will post it over the weekend.

  22. wow..A unique recipe and looks delicious and healthy.

  23. Hi Sowmya, I am really amazed by the fact that you’ve made a cake entirely out of wheat flour! Really innovative! And thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. Gotta try it soon 🙂

  24. Sunshinemom

    I always had doubts about using whole wheat for cakes but you have cleared it all with the picture! Looks great:)

  25. that is one nutty cake ;)..i know..bad joke…but wow! that is healthy..nice..

  26. Whole wheat cake with dates? Sign me up!


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